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BUZZ Windows Company is the windows installer of choice in Crystal Lake with our new energy-efficient triple-pane composite vinyl products for maximum efficiency. Window replacement can save you a lot of money especially when the power bills keep on going up. As the top window company, we cater for any style and budget with our window installation service of a wide range of window styles and materials. As the windows installer of choice, we pride ourselves on our window installation Crystal Lake experts being able to match your existing home style while sealing and installing your new energy-efficient windows.

We at BUZZ Window Company are unrivaled in our experience, workmanship and quality installation of wood, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum windows. We offer additional services such as the installation of gutters, soffit and fascia to match the style of your home. Choose us for the highest quality material and installation standards.

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Services We Provide - BUZZ Windows Company Crystal Lake, IL

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Window Installation Crystal Lake

Selecting the right windows for your house and scheduling a windows company to do the windows installation is important. BUZZ Windows Company has been serving the needs of Crystal Lake for many years. We’ll help you select your windows, schedule the windows installer and get your new windows in expeditiously!

Window Replacement Crystal Lake

The time to replace old windows varies but in every case the signs do NOT vary. When you have to struggle to operate the windows, the inner seal is broken and/or you are noticing leakage around the windows it’s time to call BUZZ Windows Company of Crystal Lake to begin the windows replacement near me in Crystal Lake.

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Our Completed Projects - BUZZ Window Company Crystal Lake, IL

Why You Should Choose Our Window Company Crystal Lake, IL

Here at BUZZ Window Company, we treat our clients like family and because of this, we have become the top-rated windows installer Crystal Lake. 

High Rated

We take pride in our clients rating us as the best in the Crystal Lake area for customer satisfaction. 

Fully Licensed

We only allow you to work with the best of the best which means they are all licensed, and insured to complete your window installation near me in Crystal Lake. 

Years Of Experience

When reviewing window companies make sure to understand our track record of being the premier business in the area. Our employees are specifically trained to provide these services. 

Always Free Estimate

We always offer free estimates and seek to honor the price every time. 

What Is The Best Material Choice
For Windows Installation Crystal Lake, IL

Before you make a decision on new windows and book window installation near me in Crystal Lake, you need to consider the properties of each window material. There is a selection of materials, all with different benefits and disadvantages. Speak to one of our windows installation Crystal Lake specialists, for professional advice. So that you can make a suitable choice.

vinyl window installation

Vinyl Crystal Lake, IL

Vinyl is a good choice if you are looking for a good quality window at an affordable price. It is long-lasting and needs no maintenance. It also comes in a range of styles.

wooden window installation

Wood Clad Crystal Lake, IL

Nothing beats traditional wood. These windows look amazing, have high insulation properties and will last a lifetime.

fiberglass window installation

Fiberglass Crystal Lake, IL

This trendy material has a modern aesthetic and excellent properties; strong, long lifespan and good energy efficiency properties.

aluminum window installation

Aluminum Crystal Lake, IL

Always a good choice, a high-quality window, with all the important properties, long-lasting, strong, light and excellent insulation properties.

Advantages Of Proper Windows Installation Crystal Lake, IL

Windows are a common fixture in any dwelling, and despite their seeming simplicity, they serve useful purposes. One of the luxuries of having windows in one’s house is the flood of natural light and air it lets in. Additionally, according to window installers from BUZZ Window Company Crystal LAke, windows make a house feel more welcoming and homey, as opposed to the dreary and confining appearance of a home with no windows. You may take in the scenery without leaving the comfort of your house by doing windows installation. Homeowners might think twice before investing in a window installation service because the fixtures themselves may look unremarkable. More explanations to install Windows now:

Because producing energy is challenging, homeowners must make sure their homes are energy efficient. Windows can reduce heating and cooling costs and improve home comfort.

More Comfortable & Cost-Effective Home

Kitchen heat can cause uncomfortable and unhealthy indoor humidity. When it's dark outside, inside lights and windows may help.

Provides Ease Of Use In Any Circumstance

Installing beautiful windows is one way to boost your home's curb appeal and resale value.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Cracks in old windows provide an easy way in for anyone who wants to break in. Your home's safety may be upgraded to better suit your needs with the installation of new, custom-made windows.

Offers the Highest Possible Level of Protection

Windows installation services Crystal Lake recommend a setup like this as it might be a wise choice for homeowners looking to boost the aesthetic and monetary worth of their properties.

Boost Your Home's Resale Price

Which Window Installation Crystal Lake, IL Style Do You Prefer?


When a window installer Crystal Lake installs a single hung window, it means that within the window, one sash – or frame –  can move, whilst the other is fixed and stationary. It is often the lower sash that is able to move up and down. If after window installation Crystal Lake both sashes are able to move the window is now referred to as double-hung. Whether single or double-hung these types of window replacement near me in Crystal Lake have excellent benefits:
  • Good security
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy saving
picture window installation


Window companies Crystal Lake will tell you this style of window is absolutely fantastic if you have views out from your property. Picture windows are fixed windows, they do not open, but give unobstructed views from your home across the surrounding areas. Benefits of picture windows include:
  • Excellent views
  • No maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Versatile
sliding window installation


This window installation Crystal Lake results in windows that slide and open horizontally, rather than up or down. The windows are panels that can slide from side to side. Advantages of these windows include:
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Good security
casement window installation


Casement window installation involves having the windows hinged on one side only. The windows open from the opposite side and outwards allowing the window to open fully. Your window installer Crystal Lake can install the window to open from whatever side you prefer. Casement windows have many benefits including:
  • Fully customizable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Natural light
  • Easy to operate
awning window installation


Awning windows are excellent to have if you live in an area with a lot of rain. Awning windows are hinged on the top of the window and open from the bottom outwards. Therefore if it rains when they are opened no rain can get in. The top features of awning windows are:
  • Weather protection
  • Good ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security
hopper window installation


If a window installer Crystal Lake installs hopper windows that are the opposite of awning windows they are hinged at the bottom and they open inwards from the top. These small, narrow windows are commonly found in basements and bathrooms. Advantages include:
  • Space-saving
  • Security
  • Good ventilation
  • Energy saving


Bow and bay windows are commonly found in older houses. The window installation Crystal Lake involves a combination of 3 windows or more that are set at an angle so that the window has many openings that are set at different angles to the exterior wall. The windows curve outside of the exterior wall and the space can be used for a window seat or window alcove. Benefits of bow and bay windows include:
  • Additional space
  • More natural light
  • Added aesthetic
  • Customization
custom window installation


Whatever window company Crystal Lake or window installer that you are doing business with, they will have the opportunity for you to customize your window installation choices. They will be able to offer you various customizations including materials and different designs. The best advantages of custom windows include:
  • Increase in home value
  • Customized designs
  • Unique styles
  • Material choices
patio doors by buzz window company


Traditionally patio doors are sliding doors that lead from your home into your patio or garden. Now, window companies Crystal Lake have more options for patio doors and there are more choices when it comes to materials and designs. The benefits of patio doors are:
  • Excellent security
  • More natural light
  • Energy saving
  • Many security options
french doors by buzz window company


French doors have always been a popular choice from window companies Crystal Lake with their elegant aesthetic. The doors have always been interior doors that divide two rooms, more recently they have been utilized in the place of patio doors making a real style statement. Their benefits include:
  • More natural light
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customizable 
  • Additional aesthetics

How Prepare The Installation Area - Windows Installation Crystal Lake, IL


Tidy Up Around Your Windows Inside

Ensure the indoor working space is clear of any obstructions for the safety of our window installers in Crystal Lake so we can avoid injury and property damage.


Take Off the Window Treatments

Your windows need to be cleared of any blinds, curtains, drapes, shades, or shutters so that our window companies near me in Crystal Lake have unhindered access to your windows and walls.


Covering the Floors

The use of plastic sheets, a tarp, or canvas drop cloth to cover the floors around your windows can help protect them during your window replacement.


Protection for Your Belongings

If possible, take the items you want to protect away from the working area and cover what cannot be moved with plastic sheets before your window installation in Crystal Lake begins.


Make Your Home Available

You might not be available during your window replacement in Crystal Lake but make sure the window installers can enter your home in your absence.

Steps of The Windows Installation Crystal Lake, IL

Measuring the Window

Your window installation near me in Crystal Lake starts with recording exact measurements of any windows that require window replacement. This will make sure of a tight fit later in the process.

Old Window Removal

In performing a window replacement, your window company in Crystal Lake will take away the old windows. Along with this, the sealants that held those windows in place are also scraped away to ensure the new sealants can properly be affixed to the window opening.

Weatherproof Your Windows

Weatherproofing is perhaps the most critical aspect of the entire window installation process and has to be done right, which is often not the case. Poorly handled weatherproofing can lead to major repair expenses and another window replacement before it’s expected.

Window Installation

Your window installer in Crystal Lake will carefully handle the new window, folding out the nailing fins before lifting it into place. At this point, the new sealant is added to eliminate any airflow.