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In Woodstock as well as in surrounding areas when the BUZZ Windows Company name is mentioned it carries with it certain promises we always make to our customers.
First, no one in the area will offer you a wider range of window styles, quality materials to match any application for your home or business. Whether it’s wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass we offer a selection that is second to none and budget-friendly!
Second, our expert window installers Woodstock guarantee they will match your existing style and will install and seal your windows, guaranteeing a long and durability.

We can also replace or install your soffit, facia and new gutters to meet your needs. With our licensed and insured windows installers, you can rest assured your window needs are being taken care of at a price you’ll love! Call BUZZ Windows Company Woodstock today for your free estimate!

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What Do We Do - BUZZ Windows Company Woodstock, IL

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Windows Installation Woodstock

When electric bills creep up it may be due to the missing seals of your old windows. Old windows may even start to leak and become difficult to operate. BUZZ Windows Company offers professional window installation services of new energy-efficient to save you cash windows at the top window company.

Window Replacement Woodstock

Selecting the correct windows and windows services provider when you need to replace your old windows, are the most important considerations you will have to make. BUZZ Windows Company is your first choice for all window installation near me in Woodstock. We will guide you in selecting the type of window replacement you need.

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Why Are We The Premier Window Company Woodstock, IL

We are rated the number one window company, Woodstock. At BUZZ Window Company, you know you’ll be looked after, like family.

Customer Care

Customer reviews, highly praise our customer services and rate us the best for customer care.

Licensed Team

Whatever you need, window installation or window replacement near me in Woodstock, our window contractors are licensed and insured.

Highly Skilled

Our contractors are skilled and experienced, they will provide expert window installation and replacement services.

Free Quotation

For every job, we give a free estimate before work starts and we always honor it.

Window Installation Woodstock, IL - Choosing The Best Material

If you are in the market for a window installation service Woodstock a few key focal points you should look out for are window material price, durability, maintenance requirements, ability to handle particular weather and most important, energy-saving properties. Window companies near me in Woodstock like ours clearly communicate your alternatives to make your project easy. Consider these material options:

vinyl window installation

Vinyl Windows Woodstock, IL

This material is friendly to the environment and has efficient energy use. Vinyl windows are dependable and have a vast amount of arrays available. 

wooden window installation

Wood Clad Windows Woodstock, IL

Wood-clad is a go-to choice for traditional appeal and natural looks. Our windows installer Woodstock recommends this option as a great insulator that prolongs its lifespan. 

fiberglass window installation

Fiberglass Windows Woodstock, IL

This material is superior to others for its ability to resist corrosion, color fading and warping. This option serves as a great insulator with low thermal conductivity

aluminum window installation

Aluminum Windows Woodstock, IL

Aluminum windows never rust and are recyclable. They are also very durable while maintaining light-weighted properties and come in many different styles

Importance of Windows Installation Woodstock, IL

Windows are a regular part of any house; no matter how simple they may be, they are installed for good reasons. Good ventilation and natural light in a home provided by windows are one of the pleasures you can get. They also make homes more comfortable and cozy; a house without windows often looks unappealing and confined. Windows can also be a means to enjoy the outdoor view from your home. Sometimes, homeowners hesitate to avail of window installation service Woodstock simply because it may seem that windows are nothing more. Here are other compelling reasons for making window installation near me in Woodstock a priority. 

Energy is hard to create, and living in an energy-efficient home is essential nowadays. Windows can make your homes energy-efficient, giving you comfort without extra cost, and can be a wise investment.

Lets You Enjoy an Energy-Efficient Home

Hot air from your kitchen can cause humid indoor environments leading to discomfort. Opening your windows can help in these situations and provide your home with additional light when it is dim.

Provides Convenience in Any Situation

Renovations are usually done in any home to increase its beauty and value, and installing exquisite windows can undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of your property.

Enhances Outward Attractiveness

Old windows can break easily, which can be an entry for anyone who wants to get in. New customized windows installed can improve your home security tailored to fit your needs.

Provides Best Line of Security & Safety

Windows installation Woodstock can be a good investment to increase the value of your homes, not just monetary but also the beauty that can greatly improve your happiness and health.

Increase The Value of Your Property

Window Installation Woodstock, IL - Choose Your Design


If you’re looking for new or replacement windows, these are very popular. Window installations that have a fixed upper frame, or sash, and a lower operable sash are known as “single hung”. Double-hung windows have a lower and upper sash that can both slide up and down. Most window companies Woodstock install both types. Both styles have great features, including:

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Economical
  • Energy efficient
picture window installation


Picture windows are composed of large glass panes fixed into a minimal frame. They offer a clear view of the outside. There are no movable parts that can be broken. Our window company Woodstock specializes in window installation of picture windows. Some  advantages include:

  • Maximum natural light
  • Excellent security
  • Excellent energy efficiency 
  • Cost-effective
sliding window installation


As the name suggests these windows open by sliding horizontally across the window frame rather than up and down. A window company Woodstock will often recommend installing these windows in combination with picture windows. Their many benefits include:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Good security
  • Energy saving
  • Easy operation
casement window installation


Casement window installation Woodstock is hinged on one side of the window. The window opens from the other side. The windows are able to open fully, allowing for excellent ventilation. Benefits of casement windows include 

  • Easy cleaning
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Security
  • Customizable
awning window installation


Awning windows are hinged at the top. They swing outward opening from the bottom. They allow for good ventilation and protection from the rain, as such, they are a popular window installation Woodstock, in areas that receive high amounts of rainfall. They are ideal to allow fresh air into the house even during storms. Some of their best features include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Protect from rain
  • Good security
  • Good ventilation
hopper window installation


Hopper windows work opposite the awning window concept. These are hinged at the bottom and open outwards from the top. Windows installers Woodstock may recommend hopper windows for rooms that need ventilation and may not have much space. Benefits of hopper windows include:
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Natural light 
  • Space saving
  • Excellent security


Window companies Woodstock recommend bay and bow windows for rooms of a certain size and style. Often older properties with period features. Bay windows consist of a picture window at the center with 2 smaller windows on each side. The windows create an angular arc that extends beyond the interior wall of the property. A bow window is similar but the windows are the same size and the windows create a more circular shape. Both types are very popular due to their beneficial features:

  • Customizable
  • Energy efficient 
  • Maximum natural light
  • Additional space for seating
custom window installation


The majority of window installers and window companies Woodstock have customizable options where you can customize the glass, size, material, color and many other features. There are many advantages to buying custom windows, including:

  • Unique designs
  • Many options
  • Increased home value
  • Custom made
patio doors by buzz window company


Patio doors are large glass sliding doors that lead out of the house to the patio or garden. The doors open by sliding horizontally to the left or the right. Patio doors often have enhanced security features, They are the most common style of door found in the majority of homes. Different window companies Woodstock offer different options, but features include:

  • Anti lift system
  • Additional security features
  • Energy efficiency
  • Natural light
french doors by buzz window company


Traditionally french doors are interior doors usually installed in pairs, consisting of a large glass pane in each door and a slim frame. In windows companies Woodstock today, french doors come in a variety of styles. Your windows installer can give you more information regarding the options you have, advantageous features include:

  • Maximum natural light
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Add value to the home
  • Customizable

Prepare The Windows Installation Woodstock, IL Area


Clean Around the Inside of the Windows

Keeping a clear area during window replacement near me in Woodstock helps protect from any unexpected incidents or accidents.


Remove All Window Coverings

Clear away any existing treatments like curtains, drapes, and blinds. This will make way for easy access while installing - just another step closer to completing your refreshed look!


Protecting the Floors

Protect your floors during window replacement in Woodstock with easily accessible materials such as plastic sheeting, a tarp, or canvas drop cloth. Keep the area around the new window looking fresh and clean!


Protect Your Possessions

Shield your assets from the hazards of dust by making sure to stow away any items that are prone to damage. Anything not able to be removed should instead be draped with protective plastic sheeting for added security.


Keep an Accessible Home

Ensure that your home remains accessible while you're away during window replacement by making arrangements with the installers. Get professional help from Buzz Windows Replacement in Woodstock to ensure a secure process and top-notch window installation!

Process of Windows Installation Woodstock, IL

Window Measuring

At Buzz Windows Replacement in Woodstock, our window installation services start with getting exact measurements of your window openings. Your replacement windows come customized to fit perfectly during installation.

Removing Old Windows

The window replacement process then moves on to removing your existing windows. This includes having our window installers in Woodstock taking out the old sealant so the new sealant can fill in correctly.

Weatherproof Windows

Windows that do not have weatherproofing are ineffective. A skilled window installer in Woodstock will completely weatherproof your newly installed windows to avoid expensive damage and repairs that could result.

Window Installation

With our window Installers in Woodstock, you can rely on exceptional care taken over your new windows. The window nailing fins will be folded out before they are set into the openings and sealant is added to protect against air leaks.